About Tom

Despite being repeatedly told that all artists drink too much absinthe, cut their own ears off and only make money after they're dead- I have always wanted to be one. In fact, this has only encouraged me. Based in the North West of England I've been working as freelance illustrator and designer since I graduated in 2012. ...I still have both my ears.

Video: Painting a portrait from imagination


I decided to make a video. People have been encouraging me.
It shows my painting process from start to finish when working on a portrait from imagination. It’s not a tutorial exactly but hopefully it’ll be of some help or interest to someone out there.

Frankly, it’s a bit stupid, but my main goal was to get to grips with making a tutorial video so if I ever want to then I can. Consider this one a dry run- I’ll probably make something more useful in the future.

Marooned- The Process

When you’re making artwork sometimes a piece just flows- you have it exactly thought out in your head and it streams out of your pen and onto the page whole and perfectly formed. Other times it requires a little more leverage.

This is one of the latter occasions. The images below give a rough outline of the head-scratching, umming, ahhing and general back and forth I went through while working on this piece. If this were a client piece, a deadline would have forced me to stay still and make compromises some time earlier, which is often a good thing- but since this is a personal piece I had the luxury of spending as long on it as my patience lasted.

Well, my patience ran out. So I’ve finally declared it finished. The annoying thing is- I still like some element of almost every stage that is then lost in the other ones.

Maybe one day I’ll have to do a series, to give me more angles on a subject, but I’ll need a good concept. Hm.

F34- Combat Chaffinch- Sale now on!

Frightening Combat Hawk

Normally I just draw things for a living, but my uncle- who’s a bigshot at Lockheed Marvin- the big war planes supplier and US governmental lobbying company- thought I might be able to help him sell a few of these things by using my artistic skills to chuck together a nice advertising picture. Unpaid of course, but I get to say that I did it.

I don’t really know anything about war planes though, and frankly, neither does my uncle- he just talks loud and is convincing to middle-management- so I just had to guess at a few of the details. I’m confident it’s all fairly accurate.

Speed- Dead fast!
Range- All the way!
Payload- 2 big bombs and 4 little ones (not included)
Interior- Cream suede

Anyway, if you want to buy any planes please email: terry@lockheedmarvin.com (Please no timewasters)
You need a big lawn so they can take off.