About Tom

Despite being repeatedly told that all artists drink too much absinthe, cut their own ears off and only make money after they're dead- I have always wanted to be one. In fact, this has only encouraged me. Based in the North West of England I've been working as freelance illustrator and designer since I graduated in 2012. ...I still have both my ears.

Art Pen Brushes

I’ve had a brief look around online and can’t seem to find many Photoshop brushes out there are specifically tailored to us artists who use the “rotation” feature in Photoshop. To counter this alarming state of affairs I’ve uploaded some of my own custom Art Pen brushes here for anyone who’s interested. You can downloaded them here free of charge:


Rotation Brush Pack 01

Some of them are pretty CPU intensive but anyone with a mid-level processor should be able to use them without too many issues. They’re designed for working on files at least 1000*1000px in size and up to about 5000*5000px. Some of them are admittedly more useful than others.

Self-Portrait 2014


Self Portrait 2014

Missed self portrait day by a few days, but ahh well. I’m still sick of my own face from last year- thus the rough sketch.

Video: Painting a portrait from imagination


I decided to make a video. People have been encouraging me.
It shows my painting process from start to finish when working on a portrait from imagination. It’s not a tutorial exactly but hopefully it’ll be of some help or interest to someone out there.

Frankly, it’s a bit stupid, but my main goal was to get to grips with making a tutorial video so if I ever want to then I can. Consider this one a dry run- I’ll probably make something more useful in the future.