HMAS Pterois: A dieselpunk battleship

A dieselpunk airship

From the dieselpunk navy in my head. To help me relax while painting more rigorous dieselpunk for a client. I get tired painting dieselpunk airships you see, so I have to relax by painting more dieselpunk airships.

Face sketches- May 2014

Here’s some more recent face sketches from my sketchbook- and one from my hard drive. I’m a bit obsessed with drawing faces- I doubt it’ll stop anytime soon. Faces May 2014

Wizard on a bike

Wizard on a bike

 “One does not simply cycle into Mordor”- Gandalf the Grey

 “No you bloody well can’t borrow my bike, not after what you did to the car!”- Arthur Weasley

 “Bring brrring” -Jesus

This is a picture of a wizard on a bike. I like bikes. I like wizards. Fell off my bike, broke my wrist- had to do something with the spare time.