This is exactly what it looks like, a hastily constructed cover for little white lies magazine. It’s to fulfil the current D&AD illustration brief as required by my uni tutor. I need to design a cover image for little white lies magazine featuring a portrait of the protagonist from one of five films; none of which I’ve seen.

The only one that looks of interest to me is Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy, the others look boring (plus some little git on youtube spoiled the twist of Black Swan with a comment). Maybe I’m being close minded with that, but I also happen to think that Gary Oldman as Smiley has the most interesting face. Can’t see the film until it’s released to rent/buy on the 30th January so I’ve resorted to reading the book in order to get a grasp of the plot and characters and watching the film trailer and staring at screen-shots to familiarise myself with the main character. This attempt is unsatisfactory, not just because there’s naught to it but a pretty emulated oil paint effect (it’s digital of course) but also because on closer inspection of the brief it transpires I needed to include the name of the film somehere.

Well if at first you don’t succeed, next time read the brief.

Happy new Year everyone!