Train station faces

I recently completed this page in my sketchbook of people I’ve drawn while waiting around for more important things to happen. A lot of them were drawn in train stations, where you always get a lot of opportunity to draw weird and wonderful people. Train journeys are also a pretty good provider of inspiration, where you get the rare opportunity to draw people who are generally guaranteed to sit still for a while.

The big problem with train journeys is that half the people are facing the other way, or obscured by the people and chairs in front, and since one is also expected to sit still it makes it hard to get a good look at the inevitable nutter with the fascinating moustache who’s just come in and sat at the other end of the carriage.

Another problem is that people on trains often notice you drawing them, (which no one is ever comfortable with) since you’re generally facing each other. A cunning way to avoid this is to draw their reflection in the windows, sadly they usually notice that as well.