Merry Christmas!

A little something I painted to celebrate the fact that it’s cold, wet and people keep playing sodding Christmas music everywhere.

If you want to help a bunch of struggling unloved student illustrators you can buy a Christmas card or two featuring this image over on deviantART

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Ha lovely creation, good luck with the course.. i only live down the road.. bloody windy today. Wish i’d read your post about Painter. I just bought the bastard and it wont run, tried it on 5 machines. Painter12, I called Corel, they won’t touch it, said I have to pay for technical support because its an education edition. How shit is that?! Painter the constant crasher wont even open and they want more money to tell me how to fix their poorly made software….. outraged and Northern

  2. Thanks, yeah it is rather windy today, here in my accommodation the place whistles and groans so much it sounds like it’s gonna fall over any moment.

    Sorry to hear about Corel painter, seems shocking that you can’t get it to work on five different machines! Personally I’d always recommend free tech support first by googling the kind of problem your having, there’s always someone else who’s had it too …is that how you arrived here?
    Really though, you’ll want to use photoshop for digital painting, it’s a little less natural than painter at first, but it’s industry standard and it’s infinitely more stable.
    Anyway, good luck with it!

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