Dead Artwork.

It’s a long and winding road that a piece of art takes from concept to completion. There are countless perils, obstacles and pitfalls, and not every piece makes it. There are many reasons I choose not to continue with a picture:

  • Boredom .
  • Change of opinion in some idea central to the artwork.
  • Having a better idea!
  • Forgetting about it.
  • lack of satisfaction with the progress of the work
  • Leaving a piece un-worked on for so long that by the time I return to it I’ve improved so much that the work is obsolete and it would be preferable to start again.

For the above reasons I’ve found that a quick look through my hard-drive reveals a number of forgotten and discontinued pieces suitable for little more than nostalgia…

…or putting on my blog for the amusement of all!

So here, in vaguely chronological order is my select collection of old dead art.

Disclaimer: To any potential commissioners – Artwork shown here does not reflect the current skill level, (including but not limited to knowledge of perspective, anatomy, lighting foreshortening etc…) taste or even opinions of Tom McGrath. Thank you.


My old drawings all involved a sword or two. Always.Maguma rooftops…And preferably some flowing apparel such as a cloak or little samurai style sash belt that was always blowing in the wind.Monsoon

This airship is actually the precursor to another airship in the foreground of my airship battle piece.NinjaAnother bloke with a sword. I think it was a bloke anyway. Though he does appear to have enormous breasts.princess brat

My sister insisted that we end the portrait session as she didn’t think I’d captured her likeness.SexbyI didn’t capture this guy’s likeness well either.wickerman 2

Or this guy.zombieThis one was from a tutorial in Imaginefx magazine. I decided I was better doing my own stuff rather than following steps to replicate someone else’s work. though I did capture his likeness rather well.sketchStranger 1This old man is sad that his proportions are not correct.

Wisdom and Willpower

This one isn’t exactly dead in concept. I’m working on version 3 currently. I would show version 2 here but I may yet reuse part of it.Assassin_bakAnother chap keeping the fictional sword economy afloat. Note the flowing garments.
blue wyrm

I find that dragons are less imposing when they have no limbs.
gray lady

“Please finish this painting” she screamed.Hot water balloonA Hot water balloon. I like the idea so I think I’m going to redo this soon.Strangercomp1That old man still hasn’t got over his dodgy proportions. Alas.