Guests at the time traveller’s tea party

The annual time traveller’s tea party was held this weekend (in 1862) I was lucky enough to attend – since I knew someone going I was able to snag a lift. I got the guests to line up and then we froze time while I painted them from life. It saves time you see, plus it’s impossible to get a dodo to stay still.

This illustration was done for Advocate Art agency’s annual “Head’s Up” calendar.

Marooned- The Process

When you’re making artwork sometimes a piece just flows- you have it exactly thought out in your head and it streams out of your pen and onto the page whole and perfectly formed. Other times it requires a little more leverage.

This is one of the latter occasions. The images below give a rough outline of the head-scratching, umming, ahhing and general back and forth I went through while working on this piece. If this were a client piece, a deadline would have forced me to stay still and make compromises some time earlier, which is often a good thing- but since this is a personal piece I had the luxury of spending as long on it as my patience lasted.

Well, my patience ran out. So I’ve finally declared it finished. The annoying thing is- I still like some element of almost every stage that is then lost in the other ones.

Maybe one day I’ll have to do a series, to give me more angles on a subject, but I’ll need a good concept. Hm.

The Great Race

Here’s a little step-through of a new image I’ve just completed and added to my gallery- I like to save little jpg versions of my work every time I finish a painting session so that when it’s finally complete I can look back and have the pleasure of seeing the image develop in front of me.
Looks like I didn’t change my mind too much with this one.

You can see a (ever so slightly) larger version here in my gallery:

New painting- Are we nearly there yet?

I’ve just added a new image to my gallery which I’m rather pleased with. As so often happens with me this image started off as nothing more than a quick sketch for fun and has grown into something much bigger and more time consuming.

You can see the image here:

Here’s a rough overview of the evolution of the image:

1. The initial sketch
1. The initial sketch
2. The rough painting
2. The rough painting
3. A little more painting
3. A little more painting
4. A change of composition
4. A change of composition
5. Detailing
5. Detailing
Two wizards
6. Are we nearly there yet?

Face training 3: Keith & Sue 4 Eva!!

This is Keith & and his girlfriend Sue. As you can see they’re very much in love.

Kieth & Sue 4 eva!!!
Some might consider this a one-sided relationship.

It’s Ok, she’s not real. These two are fictional characters I came up with for the fun of painting them. After the last portrait I did to practice and entertain myself I wondered how I could keep things fresh and increase the challenge a bit? The answer: two heads are better than one!

The real fun of doing a multi-person portrait is that you don’t just seek to convey the details of the faces, but to convey the relationship between the subjects too. I’ve got a brilliant idea for what I’m going to do next…

Yeah, thats right 3 people. It’s the logical progression isn’t it?

New Image in Gallery: Guide Crocs for the Blind

I’ve just uploaded a new piece to my gallery, you can see it here:

Also, exclusive to blog readers- a sketchbook page from the making of!



Guitar Adventure background

Here’s a little something I did recently for an old college friend who’s working on a game to encourage people to learn guitar. He wanted an “epic mountain”.


Guitar Adventure


Oh, and it had to be colourful, very colourful. I think I managed it.