Face sketches- May 2014

Here’s some more recent face sketches from my sketchbook- and one from my hard drive. I’m a bit obsessed with drawing faces- I doubt it’ll stop anytime soon. Faces May 2014

Face Sketches- April 2014

A selection of assorted face sketches scanned from my current sketchbook. I tend to do an awful lot of these:

face sketches

Most are from imagination but some are taken from my little sketchbook I always take with me whenever I have to travel by train- it’s a great opportunity to draw people “in the wild”. I find that if you don’t take the time to keep looking at new reference you just end up drawing the same thing over and over again- going through the motions- it’s therapeutic but it doesn’t help you learn! A lot of learning to draw from imagination seems to be fighting your own habits and assumptions.

Laying out all your drawings next to one another like this allows you to easily see what mistakes and habits you most often replicate. I seem to draw a lot of white males of indeterminate age looking uncomfortably to the right. Hmm.

Sketchbook August 30th 2013

Here’s a few more sketches from my sketchbook

From the sketchbook of Tom McGrath
This one was drawn with a ballpoint pen with no reference and no guidelines. I’m trying to practice being more confident with my linework.

A wizard and a lab technition From the sketchbook of Tom McGrath

Recent Sketches: August 2013

Behold, a selection of  recent sketches from my current sketchbook:

Here’s the preparatory sketches from “Keith & Sue 4 eva!!!”:

scan 2
Initial sketches for “Sue and Keith 4 eva!!!”