Anti procrastination motivation

Try saying that title 5 times quickly.

I recently completed my latest uni project, the brief being to produce three elements of a visual campaign for or against an issue of importance to us. After some deliberation and sitting about not doing much I arrived at the idea of procrastination. It’s an issue that really is very close to my heart.

Anyway, the ultimate outcome of this project was three web pages designed to motivate the average internet user into doing something other than Facebook poking people or perusing pornography. The idea is that you set one of the pages as your homepage and every time you open your web browser are reminded that you should be doing something worthwhile with your time. I have no idea how effective it is to be honest since I haven’t got round to setting any of them as my homepage…

Do take a look:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

‘Indecision may or may not be my problem’

I’ve been fairly busy lately struggling over uni work. We’ve been given a brief to create a visual campaign for or against an issue we feel strongly about. My problem so far has not been anything to do with producing the artwork, but rather; what issue to choose as my campaign. I started like a good illustrator with a big mindmap of potential ideas that I made into a list, including:

  • creaky chairs
  • smoking
  • dog poo
  • religon
  • train conductors
  • tuna
  • procrastination
  • alarms
  • people
  • etc etc…

That’s a much shortened list, oddly it ended up only as a list of things to campaign against. No idea what that says about me.

In the end I decided to go with people. Yes people, and everything to do with them. Of course it was a strictly tongue in cheek idea, and I certainly couldn’t suggest a solution to the problem of people, save letting dolphins take over instead. This made it a wee bit difficult to approach seriously and objectively, it was just too silly. Much to my disappointment, and after producing several images, I was forced to change issues. My new issue is one I do feel very strong about, and one that occupies a lot of my time: procrastinating.

Alas, at the moment I can’t bring myself to do it, everything else looks so much more appealing. In the meantime I thought I’d salvage one of my obsolete “anti-people” ideas for your amusement. It’s an advert for a product I really wish existed…