The Great Race

A steampunk themed race

The Great Race

And Sultan Silliman is off with an early lead in this years annual intercontinental vehicular expedition extraordinaire!

Hopefully he won’t break down half way this time. Once again he’s got Mehmet the monkey with him, his lucky mascot from his six previous failed entries.

Just behind him we see the gracious Madame Beuharniaus on her faithful steed “Cranberry Jam”. They’ve always got stupid names haven’t they? Let’s face it, she’s not gonna win- that horse/camel thing is going to get tired- this is a really long race for goodness sake!

In a close third we’ve got Raj MacDumpling- last of the famous MacDumpling brothers. Pioneers of heavier than air flight- now for the most part sadly deceased. He’s the bookie’s favourite to win anyway- assuming he doesn’t nose dive into a sausage factory or collide with a church steeple like his brothers. God rest their souls.

Adams and Jones are a clear fourth position in the HMS Tattysloop. Guess they don’t realise half the course is over land- should be exciting to see how that pans out anyway…

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