Hand Painted Weapons

Hand painted low poly weapons in the style of world of warcraft. One diffuse map per model.

Aztec Hammer

Battle Axe

Axe Concept


Suran- The town from Morrowind

I’ve been working on and off for some time on a long term passion project of recreating a location from the game “Morrowind” in Unreal Engine 4. I was always fond of it- it seemed much more laid back than the rest of Vardenfell with its ash wastes and magma pools. Despite being home to both a slave market and a “House of Earthly delights” it seemed quite scenic. The images on this page represent a very much work in progress and long term effort to rebuild my own version. It’s not 100 percent faithful to the original- I’ve changed a few things here and there.

The Siltstrider

Every respectable settlement needs a public transport. Why walk when you can ride?

Faisal the wizard

Faisal the Wizard

Faisal- a grumpy wizard who likes long walks and hates kids. Responsible for the well-being of a backwater highland county and it’s people.
Final model intended for real-time rendering in game or animation. Based on an old illustration.
Fully rigged, 127k triangles.




Faisal- game ready

Two wizards on a hill overlooking a valley
The inspiration for the character- “Are we nearly there yet?”