Maggie the Dragon Distractor

Maggie: Model renders

As everyone knows- the best way to placate a dragon while operating on it’s teeth is to distract it with sock puppets.

A low-poly game character based on a character from one of my illustrations.

6.3k Tris. Rigged and posed.

Maggie the dragon distractor
Maggie the Dragon Distractor: Concept
Maggie: Rendered in unreal engine 4
Dragon dentists remove a rotten tooth
The Dragon Dentists: The original inspiration

The Sultan’s Car

The clockwork automobile of Sultan Silliman- famous competitor of the great race.

Hard surface practice work based on a car from an old illustration. Modelled in blender- 1158000 Triangles.

A steampunk themed race
The Great Race

Dieselpunk Mech

The “мех быстрова нападения”- reconstructed from declassified documents after the Soviet invasion of Mars following the Europa crisis.

A dieselpunk-style mech based on an old piece of concept art.

Modelled in blender- 2614000 Triangles

dieselpunk mech
The original concept