Tiger and Rabbit?

I was flicking through the latest issue of imagineFX magazine (issue 74) last night when I happened upon quite a pleasant discovery. An entire page in the expose section devoted to my artwork! I had submitted my art several months ago and after being featured on the magazine’s DVD had assumed that my fifteen minutes of mild fame were up. So seeing my artwork printed in the actual magazine was an unexpected pleasure.

However, not all is quite as rosy as it may at first seem. Upon close observation of the aforementioned page I discovered a big ugly mistake in the title of my third piece. The piece I had titled “Automaton” had been inadvertently re-titled “Tiger and Rabbit”!

If you look at the preceding page however you will see a piece by another artist entitled “Tiger and Rabbit”, so it’s fairly obvious what’s happened. Whoever was in charge of the captions copied the previous one across to keep the formatting and forgot to change the title. All of which would be fine… if it wasn’t my precious artwork.