Lots of pikemen.

Im currently working on a big time consuming piece that’s quite challenging. I’ve got to paint a big battle scene with lots of (English) civil war style soldiers fighting a giant creature. So basically that means painting a lot of pikemen. It’s the first time I’ve ever done so many people in one painting in this much detail and it’s pretty intimidating. Still, a little bit at a time and it should be finished eventually. I’ve been very inspired by the incredible big battle paintings of Mariusz Kozik, check his work out, he’s amazing.

These sketches are for this picture I’m working on, since I wanted to have a clear idea of the characters and uniforms I was going to paint. The bloke in the bottom left is the brave captain, who’ll form a big part of the image on the right side, while rallying his troops and appearing to beckon the viewer closer.

So far I’m about halfway through the image, which means in a couple of weeks it should be done.