Site re-design in progress

Despite my current site only being fairly recently completed, it has been decided that it could be better. And so it shall be!

My brand new site is going to be made brand new again, from the ground upwards. The new site will be optimized even further and have a smoother more functional design, I even hope to have a few new sections. It’s in the early stages yet so I can’t say how it will look or exactly what it will include, but it’s going to be good!

In other news; I’ve been working on a new style of traditional illustration. It’s a more laid back look than my usual work and would work well for children’s book illustration I reckon.

Don’t ask me what the inspiration was, I just like octopi It was drawn over a period of a couple of hours with a technical pen.  and a fibre tip pen. Sooner or later I plan to colour it with watercolour.