‘Indecision may or may not be my problem’

I’ve been fairly busy lately struggling over uni work. We’ve been given a brief to create a visual campaign for or against an issue we feel strongly about. My problem so far has not been anything to do with producing the artwork, but rather; what issue to choose as my campaign. I started like a good illustrator with a big mindmap of potential ideas that I made into a list, including:

  • creaky chairs
  • smoking
  • dog poo
  • religon
  • train conductors
  • tuna
  • procrastination
  • alarms
  • people
  • etc etc…

That’s a much shortened list, oddly it ended up only as a list of things to campaign against. No idea what that says about me.

In the end I decided to go with people. Yes people, and everything to do with them. Of course it was a strictly tongue in cheek idea, and I certainly couldn’t suggest a solution to the problem of people, save letting dolphins take over instead. This made it a wee bit difficult to approach seriously and objectively, it was just too silly. Much to my disappointment, and after producing several images, I was forced to change issues. My new issue is one I do feel very strong about, and one that occupies a lot of my time: procrastinating.

Alas, at the moment I can’t bring myself to do it, everything else looks so much more appealing. In the meantime I thought I’d salvage one of my obsolete “anti-people” ideas for your amusement. It’s an advert for a product I really wish existed…