Art thieves beware!

Google have recently introduced a rather swanky new feature into their image search page that makes life more interesting for us digital artists. You can now drag and drop images straight from your hard drive into the search bar to have google search the web for that exact image (and similar ones).

If you haven’t already guessed it, the reason I find this so interesting is because it allows me to very easily find out out who’s been nicking my artwork and posting it elsewhere. It turns out some of my art is rather well travelled, turning up on Japanese video sites and russian blogs among others. I even found one cheeky …chap who had posted one of my pieces as his own on deviantART and was trying to sell prints of it. I didn’t like that very much.

So to anyone thinking of posting artwork you didn’t make, be aware that we can find you! That said, personally I don’t mind people reblogging or posting my artwork around the place, so long as I get credited as the artist or preferably linked back to. Sadly that doesn’t usually happen.