Procrastination – A poem

I recently finished a poem I started composing while on holiday in Portugal. This may be an illustration based blog but I’m posting it here since I’m rather pleased with it and it’s my site damn it! It’s about a subject that’s very near to my heart; time-wasting. Somewhat ironically, it took me nearly four weeks to finish because I kept putting it off.

This poem I shall pen today
Laments those hours gone astray
Those seconds lost and minutes killed
That left me justly unfulfilled
And every moment I abused
That passed forgotten and unused
The time has come for me to say
I shall not waste another day
Forthwith I shall act with haste
To spare my life from wanton waste
To salvage my remaining years
And head for hopes in spite of fears
From now I’ll suffer no delay
I’ll end this habit right away
Be born again, begin anew
With strength and will to see things through
Lost time shall no more cause me sorrow
The world my oyster, starting tomorrow

If you didn’t like the poem or you came here for artwork, please enjoy this quaint drawing I also did while on holiday.