F34- Combat Chaffinch- Sale now on!

Frightening Combat Hawk

Normally I just draw things for a living, but my uncle- who’s a bigshot at Lockheed Marvin- the big war planes supplier and US governmental lobbying company- thought I might be able to help him sell a few of these things by using my artistic skills to chuck together a nice advertising picture. Unpaid of course, but I get to say that I did it.

I don’t really know anything about war planes though, and frankly, neither does my uncle- he just talks loud and is convincing to middle-management- so I just had to guess at a few of the details. I’m confident it’s all fairly accurate.

Speed- Dead fast!
Range- All the way!
Payload- 2 big bombs and 4 little ones (not included)
Interior- Cream suede

Anyway, if you want to buy any planes please email: terry@lockheedmarvin.com (Please no timewasters)
You need a big lawn so they can take off.

HMAS Pterois: A dieselpunk battleship

A dieselpunk airship

From the dieselpunk navy in my head. To help me relax while painting more rigorous dieselpunk for a client. I get tired painting dieselpunk airships you see, so I have to relax by painting more dieselpunk airships.

“Half Forgotten”

Half Forgotten

Here’s another collaborative piece done with my good friend H0lyhandgrenade.

As usual we took turns adding to the picture and passing it back and forth until it looked finished. It’s a lot of fun- though it tends to slow down toward the end (we started this in August 2013). I’d definitely recommend it- you both learn and benefit from one another’s skill.

Dieselpunk Mech

It’s a Dieselpunk mech!*

It’s based off an image I made back in college that was haunting me with its spirit of inadequacy. Consequently I had to remake it. Better.

dieselpunk mech

You can see the a few snapshots of the process behind this one in the gallery below, along with the old design I did back in college that served as the inspiration.

*1 some people would say it was “atompunk” but I didn’t know that particular subgenre of speculative fiction even existed until I checked Wikipedia after uploading it. The main thing is it isn’t Steampunk this time!



Here’s another quick portrait done for practice. Originally my plan was to record the process and upload it to youtube so I could show how it was done, but alas the best laid schemes of mice and men are oft to go plain bloody wrong. The video failed to work, after a 4 hour conversion process. Still, there’s always next time!

A portrait of an old womanI shall try again later.