Secrets of Nature: Episode 01

Here’s a little something I made some years ago- ┬áthe HD remastered edition:

The backstory is this:

At the end of the first year of University we had an assignment to throw together a few seconds of animation- preferably being inspired by illustrators and not the more obvious examples of conventional animation like Aardman studios.┬áThe thing was, once I’d got started I realised that I much preferred the conventional animation- and that I wanted to do something more like that. We had three weeks for the brief, which I reckoned was more than enough to learn how to do something basic.

I got carried away. But I also had a brilliant time, and started to wonder whether I should have studied animation instead of illustration (I’m unsure to this day frankly). Anyway- the end result was something silly that I’m still oddly proud of to this day. I’d uploaded it to youtube some years ago, but the quality was so poor that I’m not surprised that nobody really watched it.

It occurred to me that I could download a copy of flash (or animate as they’re calling it now) and use the trial period to open the old files and re-save a higher def version for the modern era. So I have. It’s still a bit rough around the edges, but I have to let it go now. I have a terrible weakness for wanting to go back and fix my old stuff. Which is probably why I never get anything new done…