Face training 2: Dimitri

Bored Clownv6

Here we see the delightful Dimitri the clown on a quick coffee break behind the big top. lovely chap, great sense of humour.

This picture is a another attempt by me to further practice my grasp of facial anatomy.
No refs were used for the face- but I did use a few to help me understand the lighting for the hair. I also checked the lighting for the nose made sense using a quick 3d render in Blender. Honestly, Blender is such a good tool for artists. And it’s free!

I had such good fun painting this, I’m planning the next one already. Hopefully in the end I’ll have a gallery of fictional faces getting progressively better. We shall see.


Above you can see the process this picture took from start to finish.

As you can see- I’m quite indecisive about this one- it takes a few major twists and turns. I like the painterly look of the second image, but I decided to really push myself to do something different that would really test my understanding of light and form- so I went for a more mock photographic look instead. I also changed the composition so it less resembled a passport photo.