Here’s another quick portrait done for practice. Originally my plan was to record the process and upload it to youtube so I could show how it was done, but alas the best laid schemes of mice and men are oft to go plain bloody wrong. The video failed to work, after a 4 hour conversion process. Still, there’s always next time!

A portrait of an old womanI shall try again later.

More Face sketches

Here’s two quick sketch paintings of faces I did yesterday. I really love painting faces I do!

The first one is a product of reading “The strange case Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”. He’s no particular character, I just wanted to paint a stern looking victorian.a portrait of a victorian


The second is just because I realised I paint men more often than women, so here’s one to balance that out.a portrait of a girl

Recent Sketches: August 2013

Behold, a selection of  recent sketches from my current sketchbook:

Here’s the preparatory sketches from “Keith & Sue 4 eva!!!”:

scan 2
Initial sketches for “Sue and Keith 4 eva!!!”

Face training 3: Keith & Sue 4 Eva!!

This is Keith & and his girlfriend Sue. As you can see they’re very much in love.

Kieth & Sue 4 eva!!!
Some might consider this a one-sided relationship.

It’s Ok, she’s not real. These two are fictional characters I came up with for the fun of painting them. After the last portrait I did to practice and entertain myself I wondered how I could keep things fresh and increase the challenge a bit? The answer: two heads are better than one!

The real fun of doing a multi-person portrait is that you don’t just seek to convey the details of the faces, but to convey the relationship between the subjects too. I’ve got a brilliant idea for what I’m going to do next…

Yeah, thats right 3 people. It’s the logical progression isn’t it?

Face training 2: Dimitri

Bored Clownv6

Here we see the delightful Dimitri the clown on a quick coffee break behind the big top. lovely chap, great sense of humour.

This picture is a another attempt by me to further practice my grasp of facial anatomy.
No refs were used for the face- but I did use a few to help me understand the lighting for the hair. I also checked the lighting for the nose made sense using a quick 3d render in Blender. Honestly, Blender is such a good tool for artists. And it’s free!

I had such good fun painting this, I’m planning the next one already. Hopefully in the end I’ll have a gallery of fictional faces getting progressively better. We shall see.


Above you can see the process this picture took from start to finish.

As you can see- I’m quite indecisive about this one- it takes a few major twists and turns. I like the painterly look of the second image, but I decided to really push myself to do something different that would really test my understanding of light and form- so I went for a more mock photographic look instead. I also changed the composition so it less resembled a passport photo.

The Ugly People

I just got back from a holiday to Portugal. It was beautiful. Too beautiful.
Along with the beautiful sea, the beautiful sun and the beautiful location there were so many beautiful people there that it made me quite uncomfortable. Back here in Britain the sea is a sewer, the sun is a memory and the average member of the public looks like an experimental pastry.
In order to cope with the ugliness withdrawal I was forced to draw ugly people to remain sane.
In actual fact I came up with absurd names first and decided to sketch the character to match the names. I thoroughly recommend it as an artistic exercise!

This chap is called Roy LLewellyn-Wopp. He owns a 40 acre estate in the south of England which he shares with his wife Fanny Crevice Llewellyn-Wopp. Roy is a fan of heavy drinking and racial abuse, and since the fox hunting ban likes to invite ethnic minorities and poor people into his estate then chase them out again on horseback.

This fine example of an English woman is Ms Mandy Backsnaff. Mandy is an unemployed former world-series chess champion from the northern town of Sphincter-upon-Sea. She likes milkshake and listening in on other people’s conversations. Despite the fact she talks at a speed of only twenty syllables a minute Mandy is reputed to have an IQ of 194.

This portrait is of the famed detective Socrates Jones. Mr Jones is a world class detective specialising in solving  crimes that other detectives simply can’t handle. He’s mainly hired to investigate the theft of stationary from medium sized businesses. As with many well known genii Socrates has a few peculiar perks specific to his character; such as hoarding cauliflower in his home and sniffing small animals against their will.

This final image is of the Welsh-Born international superstar Susan Barnacles. Famed for her stunning looks and moderate singing ability Susan Barnacles sprung to fame on the popular TV show Britain’s quite Shallow.