General wisdom for artists No.2

2. Sit up straight!

Sometimes in our quest to further our artistic ambitions we may find ourselves succumbing (god forbid) to laziness. Sometimes we may find ourselves succumbing to laziness to such a degree that we get nothing done. Therefore it stands to reason that if we want to become the best artists we can be then we need to keep laziness at bay!

So, having your best interests at heart as I do, I’ve listed here a number of things you can do to keep going that little bit longer. After all, finishing before you should only disappoints people.

1. Sit up straight.
This one is hard but important. If you slouch about like a wilting lettuce leaf and get too comfortable you may find yourself getting drowsy and lethargic. This makes it only too tempting to take a break or to “switch off” and not concentrate on what you’re doing. The solution is simple in theory but hard to maintain for those of us with all the poise and posture of a sandbag.

2. Don’t drink caffeine, or too much of it anyway.
Caffeine is all very well when you need a little pep up in the morning, so long as you don’t let it get out of hand! If you get to the stage where every time you feel you need to concentrate then you require a strong cuppa, I fear you may have a bad habit. It’s a common enough habit among creatives and other people who spend most of their time in chairs to have 18 coffees a day, but it’s a bad habit all the same. Reliance upon caffeine means that all the time you aren’t riding that caffeine high you’re probably feeling knackered and craving caffeine instead. Humans already need to stop feeling good when we’re hungry, thirsty or in the thrall of other niggling bodily demands, so why add another thing you need to the list?

3. No booze/drugs before/during working.
I’m worried that this one might be a little too obvious. Continuing in the same vein as the last tip, anything that makes you tired, lazy, stupid or constantly in need of the toilet is probably not in your best interests. This of course is all “in an ideal world”. While I’m here giving lifestyle advice I may as well say eat healthy, exercise regularly, cease staying up all night watching stupid videos on YouTube and all that other stuff I myself should probably be doing.

4. Be aware of the temperature and lighting in your workspace.
You know when you were at school in one of those lessons where it was too warm and the room was lit by a few dull orangey fluorescent tube lights and you couldn’t help but feel incredibly sleepy and not at all interested in William bloody Shakespeare? Well you don’t want your work environment to be like that for obvious reasons.

5. Find your hidden glass of water
Yes I know that I said that having too much water was a bad thing in the last last post, but in moderation it’s a good thing. Also a little sip of some cold clear water will do wonders for helping you feel a bit more awake.

Now, since every post should have a picture or two, here’s something unrelated I made earlier: